What is the Transitional style and which garage doors fit best with it?

Warm-coloured stone and fibre cement house with 2 Black Garaga garage doors.

A Transitional style house plan created by Anne Paquet Design/CRÉA Architecture Design, here paired with Garaga’s Flush design garage doors in Black.


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The Transitional style is ideal for those who like a more traditional house, but with a with modern touches. This is a style that stands the test of time and never goes out of style.

How did the Transitional style come to be?

The Transitional style was born in the 2010s in the United States. It is also known as "Modern Classic" and it has been growing in popularity. It is the perfect blend of modern and traditional with simple, asymmetrical architectural lines.

The colour palette for exterior siding is modern. It ranges from natural shades of grey, beige, warm white, brown through to black. Mixing elements of traditional and contemporary designs, this is a timeless style.

Roofing is dark and sometimes made of metal. It has two slopes with a gable often added to give an impression of size. This type of house always has 2 floors.

Window frames are mostly dark coloured. Windows are usually large and plentiful. They make this type of home very light filled and stylish.

Large stone house in shades of beige with many windows and double Black garage door.

Transitional style home in pale stone with large black windows created by David Charlez Designs found on One Kind Design.

There is a wide range of materials used for this type of architecture. Two to three different materials can be combined. Using light-coloured stone along with dark siding such as fibre cement or vinyl (often installed vertically) the perfect look is achieved.

Finishing accessories such as light fixtures are more contemporary and even very industrial. In order to match the look, a sleek dark garage door is the best option.

Stone house in shades of beige, dark grey vinyl siding and a black metal roof with large windows and black garage door.

A Transitional style house plan in stone and vinyl with a metal roof created by Plans Design.

Garage door models that complement the Transitional style

Numerous modern classic garage door models are available to suit your home.

If your home has many windows or more than 2 siding materials, the minimalist designs of the Flush and Moderno 2 beads garage doors are perfect. These designs are available in the Standard+ garage door construction, featuring R-16 insulation, and the Acadia 138, with R-12 insulation.

For a house with fewer textures and simple lines, a more detailed garage door such as the Cambridge CL from the Townships Collection would be stunning. With its decorative overlays, it brings a more contemporary feel to the Transitional style.

The California all-glass garage door could be a good choice as well.

The most requested colour for a garage door in this style is without a doubt Black. Otherwise, colours such as Brown and Dark Grey can also be also work well with this type of architecture.

To let natural light into the garage, windows can be added to your garage door. Garaga offers different types of windows. The best glass choices to match the "Transitional" style are Clear and White Sandblasted since they are minimalist and do not add anything extra to the design. The choice of White Sandblasted glass allows you to keep your home's interior private without depriving you of outside light.

Car in a garage with a garage door with clear glass windows.

Clear glass (privacy level: 0/5)

Car in a garage with a garage door with White Sandblasted glass.

White Sandblasted glass (privacy level: 4/5)

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